Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Papercrafts by Rach...

Not having a very good day today, I feel like Eeyore with a black cloud following me around. My mummy's in hospital because of the nasty medicine she's having to take for her cancer, I'm having childcare issues and to top it all off I had a car accident this morning and now my car's poorly too...
But as always there is a little ray of sunshine and it comes from Rachel at who has a fantabulistic set of hAnglar StrAnglar stamps to give away as candy for anyone who leaves her a link

Rachel's is actually the first site that I ever visited, I'd seen her cards on Ebay (they fetch serious money) and she advertised her blogspot from there. That was before I knew anything about 'blogging'. She creates the most amazing cards and has almost 1500 followers! Check out the pictures of her craft room - its amazing and definitely something that I aspire too (LOL) See you later xxx

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