Saturday, 23 July 2011

Katie's last day at pre-school...

I've just got to share this momentous moment with you all, as I'm such a proud mummy. My Katie celebrated her last day at pre-school on Thursday and I thought I'd share with you the yummy things we made for her lovely teachers
These bags were for her favourite ladies, Tina & Helen. Katie drew her own pictures for them and I added the other bits and pieces

These are just a sample of the other 6 bags we made! The little thank you cards feature a cropped version of one of our holiday pictures from Turkey. I love it because it shows perfectly her cheeky side and believe me the teachers know all about Katie's cheeky side!!!  I really can't believe that she starts big school in September - guess my baby isn't a baby anymore!!!! xxx


  1. Tell Katie I think she has inherited her Mum's talent! You're right though she's isn't going to stay your baby much longer, once they get to school they pick up all sorts of other attitudes & ideas. Sad in one way but kind of what motherhood is about... giving them the confidence & courage to grow & develop into their own person that you can be even more proud of. Make the most of Summer & enjoy it! xx

  2. Sounds like that was said with a heavy heart! She already has the attitude and very rarely wants cuddles anymore, but you're right, I now get my ah moments watching her grow and learn different skills (well some of them anyway!!!) Still have Grace to baby for a little while. Are you still having 17 year old issues hun x